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Are you insured? Great question, because not all companies that rent inflatable units are! YES, Appalachian Party Rentals is fully insured. Furthermore, our company vehicles are insured and every delivery crew member has been fully trained in the operation of our inflatable units. All inflatable rental companies are NOT created equal. Ask in-depth questions and get documented proof about ALL of the insurance they claim to carry and whether their State of North Carolina Inspections are current (many companies allow their permits to expire and do not renew with the State as required) when considering any company for your inflatable needs. A copy of our insurance and inspections documentation is available to each of our customers for every rental. 

What is your rain/bad weather policy? We understand that weather can change quickly, and since we have no control over weather, we utilize the following NO HASSLE Weather Policy: during periods of adverse weather conditions (i.e. rain, high winds, snow, etc.) which would be detrimental to our inflatable units and/or representatives, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation and give you a full refund of your deposit or reschedule your reservation to another available date. If conditions are not too severe, you will have the option of keeping or rescheduling your reservation.  If you decide to keep the reservation, there will be no refunds, discounts, or rain checks. If rescheduling is not possible, however, we will, gladly refund your deposit.

How do I make a reservation and how far in advance do I need to make one? Reservations are currently accepted via telephone because we must get specific information regarding your event, date, times, and location.  A contract will be emailed to your for signature and can be emailed back with 7 days with your deposit to hold the reservation.  You will need to place a $50 deposit per inflatable unit via check.  If you wish to cancel your reservation (up to 7 days prior to your rental date) you must notify us, in writing, and you will be removed from the schedule with a full refund of your deposit. Cancellations less than 7 days prior to your rental date will result in a forfeiture of your deposit.   Please call early for best availability. We can't stress this enough! During the spring, summer, and fall months items book quickly.  By calling early, you increase the likelihood of getting the inflatable unit you really want for your event. 

Do you require a deposit and what is your payment policy? Yes a $50 deposit is required in order to reserve a unit and rental date. Your deposit can be paid with a check.  Deposit are due within 7 days of your rental booking. The balance due on your rental must be paid upon delivery of the inflatable unit to your event. Payment of the balance can be at set up of your event.  Appalachian Party Rentals accepts checks only for payment.  

What Is Your Cancellation Policy? If it becomes necessary to cancel your rental you may do so without penalty provided you grant us with a minimum of 7 days advanced notice. If you cancel with less than 7 days advanced notice, your rental deposit will be forfeited. THIS DOES NOT apply to cancellations due to severe weather.  

What Is Your Safety Policy?  Each inflatable unit you rent from Appalachian Party Rentals comes with a set of printed operational guidelines and safety rules. These printed guidelines and safety rules will accompany the rental agreement that you must sign at time of set up (identical to the one emailed to your for signature.)  Please read all guidelines and safety rules and familiarize yourself with them. If you have any questions please discuss them with our Heather or Eddie or call our office.  Our fully trained staff will review these guidelines and safety rules with you at the time of set-up. Ultimately you are responsible for the safety of all those using our inflatable unit while it is in your possession.   We take safety very seriously and you should too! Persons not following the safety rules will be immediately instructed to exit the inflatable unit.  

How far away from the electrical outlet can you setup? 100 feet is the maximum distance allowable between the inflatable and the source of electrical power.  Here’s why: simply stated, the longer the distance the greater the loss of power. Even with the heavy-duty commercial-grade extension cords we use, the voltage drop over 100 feet is significant. The fan motor which keeps the inflatable operational requires a set amount of voltage at all times. When excessive amount of cords are run, the voltage drops causing the fan motor to run slower and hotter. This can result in 1) tripped circuit breakers and/or fire 2) fan motor failure 3) slow fan motor speed and inadequate inflation. In cases where the set-up location is more than 100 feet away we will require the use of a portable electric generator. Appalachian Party rents generators for $75/day, however, they are not routinely carried on our delivery trucks and must be reserved in advance.  Our staff is required to remain on site for all generator rentals for safety reasons.

How much electricity does the inflatable use? Our inflatable units use very little electricity. Generally each inflatable has one blower (fan) which runs continuously and keeps the unit inflated. Each blower draws approximately 8 to 18 amps when running. A standard 110 volt 3 prong grounded outlet located within 100 feet is required for operation. It is best that the outlet (or circuit that the outlet is located on) not be shared with any other equipment. If you are renting multiple inflatable units, we strongly suggest you identify and make sure that additional separate circuits are available within the 100 feet limit. Appalachian Party Rentals does rent generators if conditions require, however, they must be reserved in advance.  

How much room do I need? All the dimensions of each of our inflatable units are listed on our website page which features that specific unit. Please add approximately two to four feet to each measurement to provide proper clearance of fences, buildings, wires, over-hanging trees, etc. Other important considerations are: 1) the area is fairly level, for safety reasons we do not setup on hills, 2) an electrical outlet must be within 100 feet, and 3) any sprinkler heads and/or irrigation lines should be clearly identified. We don’'t want to damage your sprinkler system when anchoring down our inflatable.  4) No overhead powers lines or  5) No tree branch that could touch the top of units.

Do I need a perfectly flat area? The area for your inflatable unit setup does not need to be perfectly level; however, a reasonably flat area is desirable. Generally, no more than an 8 inch slope per 10 feet would be considered reasonable. For safety reasons, inflatable units can never be setup on a hill. If there is a question we may be able to arrange for a site survey of your location. Sight surveys can only be done if a Appalachian Party Rental representative is in your area, and are strictly done at our convenience. 

Can an inflatable be setup on pavement? For safety reasons, inflatable units should always be setup on a grassy area and staked down properly. Occasionally, a customer cannot fit the desired piece due to yard configuration or size. If we cannot fit the inflatable unit anywhere else but in your pavement, that may be acceptable if we can stake a minimum of 2 sides. Pavement setup is always a last option, and is always at the discretion of Appalachian Party Rentals. If you suspect we will need to setup on any surface other than grass, please let us know ahead of time so that we can bring along our sand bag anchoring system. Our Giant Slides and Boulder Dash require grass set-up. Inflatable units may NEVER, under any circumstances, be setup on sand or dirt of any kind. Serious injury to your guests and/or damage to the inflatable units could occur. 

Can you setup inflatables inside?  Yes, our inflatable units can be setup inside PROVIDED there is sufficient room. For inside setups you will need to have enough ceiling height to accommodate the unit with ample clearance space from any lights, vents or any other hazards that may be present. Some units are 24 to 27 feet high. Generally garages, basements, family and recreation rooms in residential homes do not accommodate the height or overall size of our inflatable units. Many commercial halls, school gyms, park and recreational facilities, church halls, town meeting rooms, etc. will do just fine, however, you, the customer, are responsible to ensure the inflatable unit will fit. If the unit does not fit once we arrive, payment is still due in full. 

How do I prepare for my rental? You can avoid setup delays and potential problems by checking the following before we arrive:  
Preparation Checklist - Please have the driveway clear of cars and other obstacles prior to our arrival, we must be able to back up to the location. 
- Please be sure that someone is present at the time of delivery - Make sure a clear path of at least 3-feet wide is available for delivery to the setup site
- Select an open lawn area with enough clearance from tree branches and other obstructions
- If you are not renting a electric generator, the source of electrical power must be NO MORE THAN 100 FEET AWAY
- The setup site should be relatively level, usually no more than an 8-inch slope per 10 feet. We will not setup the inflatable unit under or near any electrical or telephone wires; also, the inflatable unit cannot be placed near a swimming pool or any body of water 
- We use 18" to 36" ground stakes to secure our inflatables. Please make sure there are no underground irrigation pipes and/or buried telephone cables or electric lines close to the perimeter of the setup site; the Renter is responsible for marking all sprinkler lines. 
**Appalachian Party Rentals will not be liable for damage to underground sprinklers or utility lines**
- Clear the setup site of all sharp sticks, animal waste, large rocks and other large debris; if animal waste must be removed, please cover the spot to protect our equipment from any residue
- On hard surfaces, like pavement, please sweep or use a leaf blower to clean the area. 
Appalachian Party Rentals reserves the right to refuse rental if we deem the area to be unsafe, an excessive distance away from an electrical source, inaccessible, likely to damage or soil our equipment, or put our staff at risk. 

Is delivery and set up included in the price? Delivery, Setup and Teardown are not included in the rental fee.  They are included in our delivery/set up fee and delivery is based on mileage from our warehouse to your location.  

What time will APR arrive to set up my inflatable unit? What time will they pick it up? We always arrive at least 1 hour prior to your event to set up.  Multiple Units will require more set up time and you will be given the exact set of time required at booking.  Someone legally responsible for the rental unit must be at the address to accept delivery, pay any balance due, and show us where to setup the inflatable unit. If our crew arrives at the delivery address and no one is there, they will not setup your inflatable. Please be advised that our delivery crew is on a schedule and must leave to continue their route. We must strictly enforce this policy in order to reach all customers by the contracted time. We will call you the day before to confirm and give you an anticipated delivery time, however, please understand that due to traffic conditions, unexpected delays with earlier setups and other unanticipated events, our delivery time is just an estimate. If we are running substantially late, we will make every effort to contact you and advise you of such. Ultimately, you are guaranteed the minimum number of hours of fun that you have reserved, weather permitting. We will pick up the equipment at the designated time you have arranged. You are responsible for the equipment until we return to your event to pick up the inflatable unit. 

Can I keep the inflatable overnight? No. Unless we absolutely cannot get to you at a reasonable hour, all equipment will be picked up by our crew that same day as it was set up. Scheduling an overnight rental subjects our inflatables to dew, moisture and mildew, excessive wear and tear, and conflicts with event schedules for the following day. Although we have many requests for this, we pride ourselves on the excellent condition of our equipment and will not consider such requests.  

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